Stop the extinction of artisan tradition


The orientation of delSur is to create and implement effective socioeconomic impact projects to improve the life quality of artisan communities in need.


The projects of delSur are sustainable by connecting and cooperating the economical, ecological and social dimensions; providing an innovative perspective and effective methods. Implementing academic research, technological resources, organizational support and governmental sponsorship.


We are the social organization with the objective to make the handicraft communities in vulnerable territories sustainable. Today, the handicraft communities are becoming extinct, and with them, their richness and intangible heritage are vanishing from the cultural expressions of a region; losing the legacy of generations before.


The artisanship in the society is a national treasure, a means of expression and vital to the culture; being as important as a dialect for a community. delSur develops holistic strategies in order to preserve and develop the artisan communities and the artisan-language.


About Us Who we are


Our Objectives Where we are going

Our mission is to stop the extinction of the artisan tradition, developing sustainable business, social responsibility and culture awareness.


We are taking into the business-scenario a model of sustainability for the artisan communities, built under the philosophy of the Triple Bottom Line (Planet, People and Profit).


- To be by 2050 the leading organization in preserving craft traditions worldwide.

- To co-create socioeconomic impact projects to conserve artisanal traditions and improve life’s quality of the most needed communities, by innovation and sustainability.

- Being the connexion between Swiss and South American artisans to exchange techniques, knowledge and culture.

- Developing research (written and filmed) about the working environment of communities to boost their skills, know-how and processes, with the purpose of adding value to their handcraft.

- Adding value to handicraft products to get greater quality impact in the international markets.

- Giving the relevance to the origin of each product through a told-story with artistic and cultural communication.

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Our Model How do we do it




We encourage the artisans to share their talents, culture and heritage through the communities in Social Media and open-Apps.

We bring to the artisan communities ecologic responsibility and information, to develop awareness for their environment.

We develop strategies for the artisan communities to add value to their product and make it more beneficial for them.




We construct documents with the research departments with prestigious Universities to have documented the world heritage.

We believe in the Triple Bottom Line framework, bringing sustainable solutions involving the social, environment and financial factors in a project.

We bring together a community of handcraft-creator, developers and lovers from different cultures, continents and lands.

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Phone: +41 (0) 78 942-2213

Kastanienweg 52, 3095 Spiegel bei Bern - Switzerland

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+41 (0)78 942 2213

The orientation of delSur is to create and to develop effective socioeconomic impact projects to improve the life quality of the most needed artisan communities.


Kastanienweg 52

3095 Spiegel bei Bern





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